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Local Lesson / Skype Lesson

Local Lesson Skype Lesson

Local Lessons / Skype Lessons

WAHAHA offers online lessons through Skype. Instructors are all qualified Japanese Language Teachers who will teach students the correct pronunciation, intonation and the appropriate expressions for every situation. The content of these lessons is flexible and is determined upon consultation with each individual student to meet his or her needs.

Local Lessons

Lesson Overview

Lesson Length

60 min./lesson (120-min. lessons are also available)

Course Fee

4,400 yen (tax included)

Admission Fee 10,000 yen, and Textbook Fees not included in the above.

Beginner to advanced

As Required

Starting Date

As Required

Lesson Information

We will do our best to fulfill your requests.
Please contact us for lesson schedules and contents.
A one time admission fee of ¥10,000 applies.
We also accept applications for groups.

The tuition fee and number of students is negotiable.

*Local lessons are limited to two lessons per week, up to 2 hours per lesson.

A free trial lesson is also available.

In-Company or At-Home Lessons

Instructors are available to provide lessons at your workplace, household, etc., so you can study at your own convenience!

Skype Lessons

Lesson Overview

Lesson Length:

60 min./lesson

Course Fee:

60 min./10 lessons ¥35,000
No Enrollment or Lesson Material Fees

Level Requirement:

Beginner to advanced

Starting Date:

As Required

Lesson Information

We offer 30-minute and 60-minute private Japanese lessons via Skype.
Your lessons can take place during our business hours (Japanese time).
To ensure improvement in Japanese language ability, 60-minute lessons are recommended.

1. Monday to Friday 10:00 to 17:00.
2. Saturday 13:00 to 18:00.

*A free trial lesson is available.

Lesson Contents

The lessons are based on the daily conversations often encountered in every day life. You will learn useful expressions that you can put to use when you come to Japan or meet Japanese people.

  • 1.Self-introduction
  • 2.Immigration
  • 3.Asking questions
  • 4.At the bank
  • 5.Going to the hospital
  • 6.Shopping
  • 7.Describing people
  • 8.Current events in Japan
  • 9.Describing your daily life
  • 10.Invitations
  • 11.Ordering at the restaurant

Other topics can also be studied depending on each student's needs. Requests may include JLPT-based lessons, business lessons, lessons on the use of honorific Japanese, and more. Lessons are usually conversation based, but if a student has more specific needs which may include preparing for a speech in Japanese at university, practicing for a job interview or studying grammar, lessons can be arranged to cover these topics. Please contact WAHAHA for more details about these lessons.