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Tuition Fees and Accommodation Fees



National Holidays

As a general rule, classes will not be held on national holidays*.
We will try to have more activities and events instead.
*During the holidays of Golden Week and Obon, classes will be held as usual.
Lessons are held during Golden Week (May 5th and 6th) Obon (August 13th and 14th).

Standard Course Options

All prices include 10% tax, additional Enrollment fee of ¥10000 and Materials, Administration and Facility fee of ¥10000. 

Also, please be aware that you can indefinitely extend Private, Semi-Private and Group Courses on a weekly basis - extensions do not incur an additional MAF or Enrollment fee!

Course Name Hours Price Term
Standard Course (Group, maximum of 4 students per class) 180min / day ¥104,500 2-week price

Standard Course (Private)

120min / day ¥132,000

2-week price

Business Course

Business Course 180min / day × 10 ¥121,000

2-week price

Working Holiday Course

180min / day ¥203,500

4-week price

Internship Course

Business Course 180min/day × 10 + Internship


2-week +internship
Translation Course 180min/day ¥207,000

4-week price


Add-On Culture Course Options

Course Name Hours Price Term
Manga Course

Six 120-min Manga lessons - add on to any Standard Course

¥40,000 2-week price

Other Add-On Lessons


Additional courses cannot be taken alone; they must be added to an above course. 

Course Name Hours Price  
Private Lesson 50min × 1 lesson ¥4,200  
JLPT Course 50min × 10 lesson ¥38,000  

Discounts available - contact WAHAHA for details!


Local Lessons for Fukuoka Residents

Course Name Hours Price Additional Fees
Local Lesson (Private) 60min × 1 lesson ¥4,400 Enrollment Fee ¥10,000

Skype Lesson

Course Name Hours Price Additional Fees
Skype Lesson 60min × 10 lesson ¥ 44,000

Enrollment Fee ¥5,000

* Prices include 10% tax


Type Price Remarks Detail
Private Apartment
Varies Incl. water, electricity and gas. Internet available.
Modern reinforced concrete building
Private Apartment
From ¥15,000/week
Incl. water, electricity and gas. Internet available
Older wooden structure

Meinohama Discover Sharehouse

(For Men and Women)

¥60,000~/month (private room)

・Onsite manager
・Built with reinforced concrete
・Most of the students are Japanese
・Incl. water, electricity and gas
・Internet available





plus utilities

1 month Deposit
Guest House

From ¥10,500/week

・Japanese family environment
・Japanese room
・Most of the students are Japanese
・Breakfast ¥500〜/Dinner ¥500〜
Shared Apartment

From ¥51,000/month

・Private bedroom
・Most roommates are Japanese

Arrangement Fees:
¥15,000 +Tax

Homestay Fees:
¥4,000 +Tax / night

Pick-up Service
¥3,000 +Tax


Homestay Fees include the following services:

・Orientation materials
・Post-arrival Orientation
・Accommodation Fees (Breakfast & Dinner included)
emergency support