Specialized Instructors

We have a roster of instructors that each have their own teaching specialty. We hope that we can find the perfect teacher for you no matter what your learning goals are! If you contact us with the specific content you want to learn, we can also recommend an instructor for you.

Online Private Lessons


Lesson Length:

For beginners we recommend 60-minute lessons, for intermediate-advanced 90-minute lessons are recommended.

However, we can be flexible and work around your schedule! 

Hourly Fee:

4,400 yen/ h (tax included, sold in 10-hour packages)

Addmission fee 5,000 yen (no addmission fee, if you paid once for another course)

Levels Available:

All levels

Trial Lesson:

We are currently offering a free trial lessons! During this trial lesson we can determine your current learning goals and achievements, as well as give you a taste of the WAHAHA learning environment!

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Lesson Contents

Our one-on-one lessons are tailored to fit your learning goals and styles! Please let us know your preferred curriculum and style of learning.

Lesson Materials
While we have our own library of textbooks, we are happy to take requests. If there is a something specific you would like to study such as a novel, manga, movie, etc. we will do our best to incorporate it into your personalized curriculum! 


Misako’s translation practice is a very important exercise that is helping me to start thinking in Japanese and create more natural phrases.
This (Conversation Lessons) has greatly helped me express myself better without causing unnecessary confusions and I feel much more confident expressing myself now!

Zero Beginner

Required JLPT equivalent: none

Instructors: Hiromi-sensei or Kayoko-sensi

Making use of topics around yourselves and by picking vocabulary items in accordance with your level, our teacher will guide you to put your own thoughts and feelings into words and sentences using Japanese. At the same time, you will be able to learn grammar, vocabularies and pronunciations comprehensively!

Survival Japanese

Required JLPT equivalent: N5

Instructors: Hiromi-sensei or Kayoko-sensi

This Survival Japanese conversation class is designed for beginners to learn practical Japanese for daily conversations such as greeting, restaurant ordering, shopping, directions asking, etc. Japanese culture is one that is unique in the world and is very different to that of any other countries. Let’s learn Japanese before you come to Japan and equip yourself with some basic Japanese to travel in Japan. For sure you will have much more enjoyable time if you can interact well with local Japanese people :)


Required JLPT equivalent: N5

Instructor: Mikako-sensei

Let’s study the pronunciation in words and sentences in Japanese!
What are the features Japanese articulation?
What is “mora” or「拍」(haku in Japanese)?
Let’s study the sense of rhythm of Japanese in an enjoyable atmosphere!
Repeat, overlapping, shadowing......just speak out together! Practice makes perfect!

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Intermediate and Advanced Lessons


Required JLPT equivalent: N3

Instructor: Junko-sensei

In every session, a current hot topic will be picked and you will be able to learn words, phrases and expressions that would be useful in daily oral conversations. In the session, you will be exposed to a lot of opportunities to share and exchange ideas with other classmates. Through these sessions with a conversation focus, you will learn the key to effectively communicate your messages to other parties and improve your conversation skills accordingly.

JLPT N2 Reading Preparation

Required JLPT equivalent: N3

Instructor: Hitomi-sensei

There are 5 different kinds of questions in the JLPT N2 Reading Test. In order to answer these questions, “What kind of attentions are needed when reading the Test material?” and “What is the best way of approaching the test materials?” are some of the most important skills and techniques that students need to equip themselves with, and learn how to actually apply these skills to answering these different kinds of questions. Considering the large amount of questions to be answered in the JLPT, students will also learn how to improve their time management skills. In preparing for the test, checking whether the answers are correct or wrong is certainly important, but learning how to understand the rationale in behind and how to identify the correct answers is the key to improving reading skills and passing the JLPT.

Newspapers and Editorials

Required JLPT equivalent: N3

Instructor: Yachi-sensei

Differing from daily conversations, newspapers are written in a special presentation style. For instance, 「見出し」(Headline)is one example of particle omission and its corresponding usage as a special compound verb. By explaining in an easily understandable way the features of the unique newspaper style, you will be guided to master the skimming and scanning techniques of Japanese newspaper articles. On the other hand, apart from studying Japan issues through newspaper reading, the lesson also aims to guide you through Japanese cultures and the Japanese way of thinking, so as to help you gain a better understanding towards the Japanese Society.  

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Novel Appreciation

Required JLPT equivalent: N3

Instructor: Yachi-sensei

Talking about Japanese Novels, what would come first to your mind? Kawabata Yasunari, Mishima Yukio, Oe Kenzaburo, or may it be the world-renowned Haruki Murakami? Different authors have different and unique ways of portraying mankind. In this novel appreciation lesson, you will not only be able to only understand the story, but also learn to read through the lines and look into different personalities and way of living. After this lesson, we are sure that you will be able to gain a better understanding towards both the Japanese Language and the Japanese Culture.

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Essay Translation

Required JLPT equivalent: N3

Instructor: Misako-sensei

Starting by translating simple English essays, students will also be guided to read and learn from the authentic Japanese translations produced by translators. Through understanding of the translated passages, let’s learn a lot of new vocabulary items and grammar structures!

Business Translation

Required JLPT equivalent: N3

Instructor: Misako-sensei

Using texts and materials in practical business contexts, students will be guided through understanding how professional translators approach their work and this kind of materials. Gain an understanding of the characteristics of and differences between Japanese and English, and grasp the key points in business translations.

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