Additional Lessons

Additional lessons

Japanese Culture Manga Course

Additional lessons

Additional lessons are also available.  Students' individual needs are considered when creating the curriculum for these classes.


Private lesson

Lesson Length: 60 min./lesson
Course Fee: ¥4,400/lesson
(tax included)

This private course caters to each individual’s needs. Students can decide what they want to concentrate on during these lessons. This may include learning more kanji, manga vocabulary, practicing conversation or preparing for the JLPT.


Private JLPT Course

Levels N5 to N1
Duration 60 min / lesson
Course Fee ¥4,400 / lesson
(tax included)
¥40,000 / 10 lessons
(tax included. No Enrolment Fee)
Includes Materials
Mock Exams

At WAHAHA, we encourage students to take the JLPT for various reasons (e.g. to motivate language learning, as a means of gauging one's own Japanese level, overcoming weak areas and/or for career advancement).

Due to the private nature of the course, we adapt the curriculum to every student's individual abilities to efficiently focus on working only on areas that need reinforcement.


Culture Lessons

Lesson Length: 120 min.
Course Fee: ¥5,000/lesson
(tax included)

Based on your own schedule and interests, you can take and enjoy as many lessons as you like from among our list of available options.

Examples of Culture Lessons Available
・Calligraphy, Sadou(Tea Ceremony), Flower Arrangement, Wearing Kimono, Pottery, etc...


Skype Lessons

Lesson Length: 60 min./lesson
Course Fee: ¥44,000/10 lessons
(tax included)

60-minute Private Lessons via Skype. Lessons will be created to fulfill student requests.

>>For further details on Skype Lessons, please click here.


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